ef somerset
Great beautiful map of Great Britain, Somerset. About 5 km of roads on asphalt, and dirt roads. Left-hand traffic (but there are problems with AI at intersections, not everything is set up perfectly yet). In addition, there are 4 time trials on the map. CREDITS: el_ferrito

Wasteland in the style of the MadMax game. The map is located at the bottom of a dried-up ocean. - Several destroyed locations; - Large map for racing/other modes; - Custom sky; - Custom models and textures. CREDITS: Vawriss

The mod is a mod from the distant 2013 Ford Fairmont 1978, I want to note that it has 7 configurations, good textures, a detailed 3D model, animated pedals, a gearbox handle, a spinning steering wheel. I also updated jbeam in it. CREDITS: gunslinger TV

Have you ever wanted to see the Automation test track map in winter? If yes, then here it is in front of you)) In addition to all this, an ice track (for drifting) appeared on the map. Well, in general, the main idea is winter drift. Here's what has been added and changed: -an ice track has been

Ford Torino Extreme 1970 v1.1
Mod is an edited mod of the 1970 Ford Torino. Not a bad 3D model, good textures (some of them are native), 4 configurations. Pret machine is excellent. Author: gunslinger TV

Kia Ceed 2021
Pros: - 14 configurations; – Headlights work; - PBR; - Nice interior. Cons: - Fog lights don't work. Author: yl

VAZ 2110
Good quality Mod Pros 1. Pbr materials 2. Good model 3. Working illumination 4. Its wheels 5. There is tuning 6. Your skeleton 7. 16 Kfg 8. Skins 9. There are also many more buns)) Cons There are problems with the skeleton. CREDITS: Soldie Mods

Kia Sportage v 1.2
- Good 3D model; - PBR painting; - Your wheels; - Working optics; - Well-designed interior. Version 1.2 for BeamNG.drive (v0.24): - Fixed bugs; - Fixed glass damage; - Added a working navigator; - Improved painting materials. CREDITS: VictorBNGmods

BMW E39 535I
The mod will add to the BMW E39 535I game Pros: -PBR -Edited Jbeam -8 Configurations -A good Model -Mirrors come off -The steering wheel turns -Headlights, emergency lights and turn signals work -The dashboard and buttons in the cabin glow -More or less beautiful interior -Working fog lights -There

Darresal Deluxe
Darresal Deluxe is a 1959 European coupe. It has 3 configurations: 2 rear-engined - with 4 cylinders for 65 horses and 6 boilers for 102. And 1 sports front-engined version with a V8 for 180 horsepower. The sports version has outstanding handling, and the rest have excellent comfort. Well, how not


CREDITS: Sheik yolobet

Porsche Cayenne Turbo (PO536) 2018
Porsche Cayenne Turbo (PO536) 2018 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Author: – Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

BMW M8 Gran Coupe (F93) 2019
BMW M8 Gran Coupe (F93) 2019 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Kenemation Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Kia Cerato Sedan (YD) 2016
Kia Cerato Sedan (YD) 2016 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: VictorBNGmods Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Jaguar XE S (X760) 2019
Jaguar XE S (X760) 2019 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Kenemation Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Audi RS 6 Avant (C7) 2018
Audi RS 6 Avant (C7) 2018 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Kenemation Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Indiana Sheriff Livery w/ '98 & '05 Hubcaps for Maxy's Crown Vic 1.0
This set comes with the Indiana Sheriff's Livery for Macy's CrownVic (which is mandatory) and a 1998/2005 version of the hood. The caps can be positioned under: 16x7 20-Slot Steel Wheel -> Wheel Covers (1998) or Wheel Covers (2005) 1998 Indiana Sheriff PI w/'98 Hubcaps: 2005 Indiana Sheriff's

Tow Hitches for non-towable cars. 1.40
This mod adds towbars for 2 cars. Bolide and Wentward DT40L. This mod will reveal their towing capabilities. Configs are enabled. All of them are based on basic models. This mod adds a V8 diesel (5.8 liters) and three new gearboxes, a CVT, an automatic and a dual clutch to the car. Along with the

Lucas Oil Speedway 1.2.1
Fixed some texture issues I forgot to change the paths to some files, which caused problems with textures. This update should clean them up Today I present you an early version of the Lucas Oil Speedway Off Road course from Wheatland, Missouri! This is a fairly early version, but the track itself

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