BMW E46 V2.0

Uploader: kyhk, 12-10-2021, 21:17, BeamNG Drive / BeamNG Drive Cars, 16, 0

BMW E46 V2.0  

BMW E46 for BeamNG Drive 0.23.5. When distributing the mod, keep the author's link.

- Elaborate external skeleton;
- Textures PBR;
- Changes color;
- Normal damage;
- Working optics;
- Arrows work
- The steering wheel turns and the dashboard lights up;
- Good textures;
- Glass breaks;
- 6 configurations;
- The worked out bottom;
- A lot of tuning;
- ESC stabilization systems;
- Your wheels.

Version 2.0:
- Improved damage;
- New configurations, tuning;
- Improvement of the 3d model;
- Improved textures;
- Bug fixes.



AUDI S3 2017

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