LAZ 695
Own sounds, several configurations. CREDITS: Andrey2020

A double-decker bus in the form of a capsule. Supplied with left hand drive (LHD) and right hand drive (RHD). Color route display Openable passenger doors, wheelchair ramps and engine door (can be controlled by keyboard or trigger) Digital gauges Interior lighting Configurations: Standard Standard

Small update of Man Lions Coach mod for BeamNG.Drive. just added pbr thumbnail (not even very good), updated configs and added custom sound FASHION AUTHOR: BeamN driveTestingMods & V0LG4BNGMODS CREDITS: BeamN driveTestingMods

SCANIA K360 1.0
Scania K360 bus CREDITS: DrisekBeam

Mod for adds Subaru Impreza WRX III. Peculiarities: - Damage works fine; - Ability to change colors; - The steering wheel is spinning; - Working speedometer; - Ability to change colors; - Several configurations. If the mod gives an error: just press "ok" and continue playing. Version

BUS KAVZ 3976 1.0V
kavz 3976 1.0v for pluses there is sound + pleasant sound of the engine + there is a salon + large + realistic damage minuses - the color is very bright on kavzik - there is no gearbox CREDITS: mitadeshin

Man Lions Coach
Man Lions Coach bus mod for BeamNG.Drive Author: – Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

ETK 800 SEDAN 2.5.1
• Spoiler in the style of CSL • Rear bumper spacers • Dark roof for station wagon and sedan • Custom van tailgate spoiler • Custom side skirts - (you need to swap body for a wagon with parts or sedan to see this option) • Vented hood • Rear diffuser • Small addition to the rear diffuser • 2

Paz-32051 bus mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Sunrs26 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

BUS PAZ 3205
PAZ 3205 for Beamng.Drive Several configurations, work lights CREDITS: Sunrs26

Paz-3204 Vector Next 2017
Paz-3204 Vector Next 2017 bus mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: xeromastor Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

This is a Freightliner FS-65 mod with a low ceiling and high ceiling body, and a roof rack traveler modification is also available. Features - School bus working lights with a choice of flash mode - Body on a frame structure. In an accident, the body can slide forward and break - Operation switches

BUS MAYEN 7340 44P
The 7340 is Mayen's first and last mid-size high-floor bus. The largest number of 3500 collected copies from Germany was sent to the USSR. The General Secretary of the CPSU was presented as a new model of the PAZ. Export models for the USSR differed only in simplified seats in the cabin and in the

Hyundai County 2007
Hyundai County 2007 bus mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Hbqmods Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

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