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2016 Jaguar F-Type SVR FOR CITY CAR DRIVING - 1.5.9
Mod has 16 Extras:
Gloss Black Mirrors + Vents
Gloss Black Mirrors + Vents + Removed front License Plate
Removed front License Plate
Black Stock Wheels
Wheels # 2
MPH Speedometer
Removed pops from sound
Dark aluminum trim
Leather instead of Alcantara
Blue stitching
Red stitching
Red interior
Tan interior
Tinted Glass All
Tinted Glass All Except Front
Tinted Glass Half

HQ exterior and interior model (The Crew 2)
Realistic Physics
Reverse Camera
Raindrops on glass when in rainy weather
Snow on glass when in snowy weather
Interior Buttons Light-up in the night
Display shows the selected gear
Custom sound
Illuminated License Plate

Mod by TJ
Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко
Sound by TJ

Volvo S60 R-Design 2011

Renault Megane RS 2018

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