The Javelin - Marrek's Custom Nomad Type-66

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The Javelin - Marrek's Custom Nomad Type-66  

A piercing blue chariot, adorned with all of the essentials for the nomadic Edgerunner.

Ready to rule the road?

Lock, load, and strap in; this heavily customized Quadra Type-66 is built on the popular Nomad "Javelina" concept, taking a muscular but normally tarmac-bound
Quadra Type-66 and retrofitting it for all-terrain capability with upgraded (though field-maintained) suspension, and a fat, naturally aspirated, one thousand  BHP to all four wheels (with a rear bias).

Fully-functioning Militech CrystalDome technology insulates you from the prying eyes and piercing bullets of the Night City streets so you can scan for your query and make tire-burning getaways in cool anonymity (Though don't expect many heads to be turned away when that 7.3L V8 opens up!)

Heavily-reinforced front plating with strategic easy-swap crumple zones makes The Javelin live up to its name.. fear no obstacle and blaze way down the rebel path!
Additional storage and solar panel cell backups make this steed the longest range Nomad vehicle in the New USA!

A Nomad's ride is their life, so fire this baby up, put your right foot down hard -and never let off the choo!!

Drop the archive into your patch folder to activate, delete from patch folder to remove. -CURRENTLY ONLY FUNCTIONAL VIA MANUAL INSTALL- FIX INCOMING-

Standard player Javelina is the only vehicle included directly with this mod, use your preferred appearance manager mod to swap to the other displayed skins/decals!! 

Will affect *ALL* Javelinas in-game.

Created by Marrek V Panzarino 

Hologram Cars 1.0

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Custom Paint Job Pack

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