Black Sunshine - Marrek's Elite Nomad Type-66

Uploader: kyhk, 4-03-2021, 20:04, Cyberpunk 2007 / Cyberpunk 2007 Vehicles, 170, 0

Black Sunshine - Marrek's Elite Nomad Type-66  

True death
1000 horsepower of maximum performance
Piercing the night
This is Black Sunshine

For those who never try anything, they just do it; This is Black Sunshine.

They say that in Night City, looks are all that matters. "They" aren't Legends of Night City.

The elite tier of edgerunners know all bark and no bite is a quick ticket to the menu at the Afterlife.

As ballsy as it looks, Black Sunshine makes the wiser gonks flee when it rolls onto the scene.

Think you're part of the big leagues? Sweet'n the ride, and make Black Sunshine your own.

Created by Marrek V Panzarino 

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Custom Paint Job Pack

Holographic Bobbleheads

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