Leon S Kennedy Resident Evil 4 Swap for V (No Jacket)

Uploader: kyhk, 27-03-2021, 09:06, Cyberpunk 2007 / Cyberpunk 2007 Appearance, 300, 0

Leon S Kennedy Resident Evil 4 Swap for V (No Jacket)  

Description: 1. Paste this mod archive in pc patch cyberpunk 2077 load you with Cat Save editor .preset and save after this go in Game and give console Game.ClearEquipment() don't worry you don't lose anything, it makes everything fresh so that the gorilla poor and so disappear, you can always buy them is no problem you still have the things in the inventory, then go to the ripper doc and then you can upgrade yourself but make sure that you don't have any using arms.

Read me: Today I Create Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 Player Model  No Jacket this was very hard i hope you like it, It cost me a mega lot of effort, there are a few minor rig bugs but on that I will still work on it I hope you like it.  other mods from other games in youtube search Tanerseto Love Greetings yours Tanerseto Story my Life haha =)

it is best to play with a trainer because it is actually a naked model so that he is not knocked out or with hidden Armor mod immediately hahahaa ;)
Tip 2: Remove all Clothes mods or anythings Mods what ever Clothes etc is a big mod the Leon
Big Thanks goes Alphazomega Rfuzzo Operache Turk Crazy Patato Loomy for 3D model and other creators Mods, Alphazomega my best Bro thanks for Tutorial and for mega efforts <3



3ds Max

010 Hex

Blender Extract model

Leon S kennedy ;) 
Again Read me very important
1. Paste archive in Folder Patch
2. Load you Preset with Cat Save Editor and Save you Save data

3. Go in Game and open Console give this Code for Remove Gorilla mantis whip what ever arms this Code

4. Go in Ripper Doc and Pimp your Player but don't choose Arms 

5. and Play with Leon S Kennedy  Have Fun ;) Ay, caramba :P

All hates or trolling threads or insults are express comments etc will be deleted tough!!!.

Big thanks to developer of TPP JB (Jelle Bakker) Bro Mod is fantastic <3 :) 
have Fun :D  

Black Widow Hair

Doll Chip on the Neck

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