The ''Sports Legends'' Series - a Vehicle Pack by DoctorPortal

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The ''Sports Legends'' Series - a Vehicle Pack by DoctorPortal  

The first in my trio of revitalized, improved, and refreshed vehicle mods. This one includes one never-before-seen car as a bonus!

Introducing ...
The Nomad "Sports Legends" Vehicle Pack

The idea behind this mod is to revitalize, refresh, and improve upon my previous mods, as well as to provide a central place to which I can upload any future cars as I expand my horizons. For now, this is the only one I was able to upload (work schedules, am I right?) but I actually have two more complete packs ready to go, and I’ll be uploading both of those later this evening. Beyond that, stay tuned for more cars, and thanks again for supporting my work!

Featuring ...
#1: The Archer Quartz - N-80GT "Xaris" Special

The creator of this car was none other than legendary race tuner Nova Xaris**, whose exploits in historic badlands rally races have captured the hearts of nomads the world over. This car was his pride and joy. 

Technically, this is NOT his original car. His car was called the Phoenix, the reasoning for which Nova himself once explained in an interview:

"When I first built her, the engine caught fire and burnt the entire thing to the axles. Damn near killed me in the process. *laughs* So, I rebuilt her. Fixed the fault in the ignition coils, then improved the rest of the design as best I could, and tried again.”

We all know the result: the utter annihilation of the long-held Torpedohead Run record that had previously stood for nearly a generation.

And although this is not the original, this car is a faithful, perfect replica, built by Xaris himself as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of that historic run back in 2057. And now you have a chance to try it out.

**Pronounced "zah-riss"

#2: The Quadra Turbo-R - "Arcadia"  

Now featuring New front and rear Wheels

“The one that started it all.”

When Jake Estevez gave away his Quadra Turbo-R VTECH, he never could’ve imagined what V and the Aldecaldos would later turn it into. The Turbo-R “Arcadia” — named after a trusty old starship that featured in an old BD series V used to enjoy — is a custom-built monster of an off-roader, packed to the brim with custom and stolen technology alike. Fully-armored CrystalDome window replacements, plus a totally-redesigned electropneumatic suspension including lift kit, better brakes, off-road wheels and tires, a reinforced cabin with added noise-cancelling “sleep mode” (for silencing the cabin on those long drives across the desert with your BD-tuning output asleep in the passenger seat), and for added measure, a rebuilt engine using forged internals and an added twin-scroll supercharger. **

 **twin-scroll supercharger not yet added

And Now, Introducing ...
#3: The Quadra Type-66- "Vindicator" 

REMEMBER to share and upload your images!! And thanks again!! 

Created by Noah - DoctorPortal 

Brennan Apollo Off-road Black
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