Indy's egirl heart tattoo

Uploader: kyhk, 23-04-2021, 10:49, Cyberpunk 2007 / Cyberpunk 2007 Appearance, 301, 0

Indy's egirl heart tattoo

This replaces face tattoo 11 with a cute heart on the cheek. Works for both femenine V and masculine V.

To install, simply drop the .archive in your mods folder.

Thank you Avallonkao on the discord modding server for the gorgeous picture of her V to show off the tattoo, and Mrs. T for their incredible tutorial on how to make tattoos for Cyberpunk that has got me started on modding.

There will be more stuff to come :)

Created by Indy 

Morph Texture Removal - Cleaner and better skin details
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