Milfgaard Ad Retexture
Retexture Replaces the Milfgaard Ad Created by andthefish

Watson Ad Retexture
Retexture Replaces the Watson Whore Ad Created by andthefish

Sojasil Ad Retexture
Replaces the sojasil ad. Created by andthefish

Female Character Mesh Collection
Face meshes A collection of face meshes for female main character. To be used in Character Creator. Eyes needs to be adjusted or it will look off. For lip makeup, mouth needs to be adjusted too. Set Cyberware to OFF and Skin Tone to 1. Some face parts won't morph. Knowns: - Lip makeup wont work

Original Samurai Jacket
Overview Restores the samurai jacket appearance to the one seen in the render images from the cosplay guide from E3 2018. The default samurai jacket looks too glossy, dark and dirty for my own taste so I decided to restore the original look seen in promotional material. This mod affects Johnny's

CyberSharpness - ReShade
a simple ReShade less colorful and more gray but also sharper Created by b4youdie

Pure Complexion edit
Ever thought V's makeup-free skin was a little lackluster for a world so keen on appearance? Well now you can have a clean, simple base without any fuss. Works great with other makeup mods! "Pure" skin complexion, works on all skin tones. Perfects V's complexion without making it look too made up

Mama Brigitte Hair Replaces hair style 18
Mama Brigitte Hair Replaces hair style 18 NOTE: This hair exists in black color only This is a female haircut and fitting only on female V. INSTALL: Extract the file basegame_BrigitteHair-18.archive and put the file inside the patch folder, located ↓ Steam: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk

Ratty junk body tattoo
Ratty junky body tattoo. Are those preem gold and chrome body mods a little rich for your taste? Not got the eddies for that top shelf full body mod? Is Fingers a little bit out of your price range? Is the "I get my cyberware from the rubbish dump" the look you are going for? Do you just want to

The Diner Cinematic Trailer Eyes
Replaces the main characters eyes with the ones seen in the "The Diner" Cinematic. "So whaddaya want? Supercar? Big house? You wanna rule this city? Well you ain't getting anywhere without an upgrade." Replaces the main characters eyes with the ones seen in the "The Diner" Cinematic. There's 4

MERRYEDITH - Healthier Meredith Long Hair
Complexion edit and hair swap for Meredith Stout. Makes Meredith looks more like the faceapped smiling version :P 1.1 physics fixed hopefully

Judy Makeup Edit
READ THE DESCRIPTION OR PERISH Edits Judy's makeup. This is not an "improvement" mod, as Judy is perfect. It's just a different option. The .archive file goes in archive/pc/patch. This is not compatible with any other mod that edit's Judy's face/makeup textures. Upload your images, I love to see

Misty Appearance Overhaul
Turns Misty into the Goth babe she was always meant to be Overhauls Misty's look with an edited face texture and a hair replacement. Installation : Extract the file and place the .archive into the "patch" folder. Create the patch folder if it doesn't exist. Steam:

Mr.Wick - Full black suit shirt and vest
Mr. Wick - Full black suit shirt and vest This mod makes the legendary corpo undershirt fully black perfect for an assassin/ john wick type look This mod was made as a request and I figured I might as well release it.... why not right? Image credit goes to Tears/gudgwyn MALE ONLY FOR NOW - FEMALE

Yggdrasil and DNA strand tattoo
Tattoo replacer for tattoo 01 Hello everyone! This is my first mod and was kind of a tutorial for me. It replaces tattoo 01 for both male and female V. As you can see, it is an image of Yggdrasil and a DNA strand with some flowery stuff. I will be making more tattoo mods that I will post here.

Shirtless Vik Vector
Removes the shirt of everyone's favorite hot ripper doc Removes Vik Vector's shirt. This was accomplished by replacing his shirt mesh with his body mesh. His accessories mesh (stethoscope, pager, necklace) also needed to be modified. The stethoscope is an incomplete model that is normally partially

Female Swirl Pompadour Replaces Hair Style 21
Upon request here is the Female Swirl Pompadour This is the female version of this haircut and fitting only on female V. INSTALL: Extract the file basegame_SwirlPompadour-21.archive and put the file inside the patch folder, located ↓ Steam: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk

Lizzy Wizzy Swap for V
Swaps the body and the head off Lizzy Wizzy The clothes are included in the mod This is not a simple preset

Subtle Cyborg Eyes
Circuitry to replace the default iris textures for a more subtle cyborg vibe. From a distance there's a hint of circuitry but looks natural otherwise. Much more apparent and interesting up close.

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