Full Swim Suit Without Clipping - All Color and Decal Variants
Replaces the basic tank top and the long-sleeve for female V with the full swim suit. The model has been edited to remove clipping. Mix and match 11 colors and 5 gang decals. This mod replaces the basic tank top AND the long-sleeve for female V with the full swim suit. Multiple edits have been made

Superhero Mod
Only for those who are truly superhuman Subject opens the console menu Subject types Game.AddToInventory("Items.SQ030_MaxTac_Helmet", 1) Subject equips MaxTac Tactical Helmet with Multifunction Infovisor ??? Subject deletes basegame_superheroV.archive Subject opens

Remove Johnny's dog tag on his tanktop
Remove Johnny's dog tag on his tank, change it into Clair's cyberitem which hanging on the waist. This mod will remove the dogtag when you wear Johnny's tank, and change it into a cyberitem which belongs to Clair. (This mod will only effects female V) Installation: Place the 'archive' folder in the

Matrix Set - Animated Matrix Code
Maybe the game is just a simulation? A set of clothing inspired by the Matrix trilogy. For both male and female V. With animated texture of the iconic Matrix code. Installation: Extract the .7z and put the contents into the main game folder. Default game folder location for: Steam: C:\Program Files

Tactical Suit for Female V
A cool tights for Female V Replaces a tank with the a tactical bodysuit for Female V. I found a really cool tights from a NPC, so I want my female V to have one. A little bit clipping on the back and waist, and the sleeves can be seen in the first person view. Installation: Place the 'archive'

Cyberset - animated glow
Netrunner jumpsuit and glasses with glow animation. Replaces the Netrunner Jumpsuit and the Holo Visor. You can still wear them separately. ID: Jumpsuit: Game.AddToInventory("Items.TightJumpsuit_01_basic_01",1) Holo Visor: Game.AddToInventory("Items.Visor_01_basic_01",1) Thanks to Rfuzzo, nim,

Moonlight T-Shirt for female V
T-Shirt with glowing decals. Based on the tarot graffiti - The Moon. A proof-of-concept. There is probably a much better way for doing mods like this, but I don't know it. It's blocky and not well fitted, sorry. It still looks good from a distance, though. It replaces the "Vote Peralez" T-Shirt.

River's jecket for female V (no fur)
Swaps the Short Puffer Jacket to River's No Fur Jacket for Female V Replaces the Short Puffer Jacket with River's No Fur Jacket. I think River's jacket looks nice and comfortable, so I want my female V to get one. I know there is a similar coat in game, but it has a decal on the sleeve which I

Glowing oni mask - samurai mask replacement
swaps default samurai mask for glowing oni mask what it says on the tin it's mask replacement. what it do? glowes in the dark (very bright) minor janky eye posing through expresions (no plans to fix right now (unless the eye's are jank on the default expresion then let me know) dude/fem usability

BodyDancerStraps - Very Uncensored
Model Edit of the BodyDancerStraps, in various colours. BodyDancerStraps - Model Edit - Various Colours This is a model edit of the BodyDancerStraps, it removes the front section of the "underwear", so other underwear can be used there without clipping and looking kind of dumb. Item Replaces

2077 Converse with Colour variations
Adds in some new formerly not accessible by player "Converse" shoes in many variations, for both Femme and Masc V. Replaces "Kicks" type shoes Game.AddToInventory("Items.CasualShoes_07_basic_01",1) 7z file contains all versions To install: Go to your game install folder, navigate to \Cyberpunk

Alt Cunningham's top RED
Adds a custom version of Alt Cunningham's top, recoloured to be a vibrant red with white edges. Femme V only This mod replaces the Knotted tanks, like judy uses (but does not replace hers), with Alt's Top, in a custom red colour. Mod was made by request for my friend Lyri Knotted Armor-weave Tank

Bringing the jacket from Akira to Cyberpunk 2077. Kaneda's jacket makes it way from Neo Tokyo to the restless Night City! Now you can ride your Kusanagi CT-3X while reppin' The Capsules. This mod has 4 styles of the jacket and they are all separated by folder. Installation: Steam -

Militech Agent Outfits
READ THE DESCRIPTION OR PERISH This is two outfits for female V. No, I won't make a male version, I don't play male characters and I'm sharing what I make for my character. Heavily inspired by Militech and our favourite daddy Meredith Stout. REQUIREMENTS: Agent Outfit (With Pants) Vest -

Rocker-Gal outfit
Are you a punk? just a poser? Regardless, this outfit is for you. It adds a whole new custom outfit for a real rocker-gal (Femme v only), with new pants, accessories like shinguards and a bracelet, a new hoodie with a samurai aesthetic and more. Head slot is left unaffected, so you can use the

STRAPPED - Male Pistol Harness
Strapped - Male Pistol Harness This mod replaces the Arasaka Ultralight Hybrid Tactical Harness with a modified for males model of the Lizzies Gun Harness (previously female exclusive) installation: extract the file named “basegame_MalePistolHarness.archive” into your cyberpunk

Street Merc Outfit
READ THE DESCRIPTION OR PERISH Outfit designed to make your V look a little more appropriately dressed for getting shot at. THE GOOD STUFF Jacket (plus vest and radio) - Game.AddToInventory("Items.Jacket_10_old_01",1) Pants (plus kneepads and holster) -

Spiked Boots for V
I hadn't seen these uploaded yet, so I found them in the game's files and converted them over. Haven't been extensively play tested, but they replace johnny's shoes which seem to be the most stable option thus far. If you have any issues let me know please. :) Install: Install via Vortex for ease

Holo World - Holographic Fashion and FashionWare
Holographic and shiny + animated clothing and cyberware for the player. These replace various default clothing items.

Alt's cyberware hand with Evelyn's golden fingertips
Replaces right gorilla arm with alt's cyberware hand, and replaces the gorilla arms knuckles with Evelyn's golden fingertip gloves Replaces parts of the femme V Gorilla arms. Replaces entire right gorilla arm with Alt Cunningham's Hand Replaces the "Cyberware" part of the left gorilla arm with

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