Disable Fast Forward and Skip Dialogue Visual Effect
Disable the glitch effect for fast forward/skip dialogue. It was hurting my eyes trying to skip through large chunks of dialogue to get the perfect npc pose for screenshots, so here's a script that disables that stupid effect. Install instruction: Install RedScript Extract and copy into

All Physical Damage
Removes bleeding, burning, poisoning and electrifying status effects from applying to enemies. A practice script that I made to learn a bit about RedScript. Literally just replaces a function with empty one but *shrug*. Originally was going to try and find and disable the visual effects but I

Limited Fast Travel
Info Reduces the amount of active fast travel terminals (the list is configurable) Also has an option to disable all fast travel points completely Available destinations Fast Travel points with metro station nearby Japantown, Metro: Japantown South Japantown, Metro: Monroe St Little China, Metro:

Quickhacks blueprints don't disappear when crafted
Needs Redscript Install Redscript first Unpack into Cyberpunk 2077 folder, Script directory should look like this: Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\qhdonthide.reds Created by Preeeet

Drive it like Tsuchiya
Drive it like Tshuchiya!This is a mod to maximize Motorcycle Stunt Driving ability. It *definitely* makes cars harder to drive. This mod is based on Drive it like you Stole it by Dazaster, and also on Better Car Control by Lophophora42069.How this mod works: By placing the .ini file in the

dynalar hot panel
Cybersex good evening here is a mod created in the goal to change the signs of night city this is my first mods other mods will follow my naughty then good games This mode and made to decomplex the cyberpunk jams it changes the original dynalar panels into hot style panels easy installation Created

Enhanced Police
This mod enables police cars spawns. It'll take effect automatically when you commit crimes and gain heat. Also reworks the spawns of the cops making them further away depending on the threat level that you've. How to install If you didn't already, install (or update) Redscript Download this mod

Cut Gigs Save Game
These are a compilation of save games that feature some gigs that were cut from the game, due to missing AI implementation, bugs or just simply for use with later (DLC!?) content. If any of you wish to play through the cut gigs, use braindance protocol to give yourself better stats. Alternatively,

Big Brain Breach Protocol
Breach Protocol minigames are completed in 1 click. Redscript is Required (Download it first) This allows you to complete Breach Protocol minigames in 1 click. Also allows you to configure the loot notifications. Preview 01 - https://gfycat.com/blandenlightenedaltiplanochinchillamouse Preview 02 -

Level Scaling and Balance
Separate patch files to 1) add proper level scaling and 2) increase NPC health. I find the game to be way too easy even on "very hard" mode so I've figured out how to change that. For now there are two files that modify different values. Both of these mods are really simple changes to single files

Police Chases - Vehicles
This mod allows police to use a random police vehicle. A modification of jac3km4 Police Motorcycle Chases. This mod randomizes the spawned police vehicles between 7 posible police vehicles. (4 motorcycles, 3 cars) Installation Download and install redscript Extract in the game folder: Result :

Vehicle Handling
Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Vehicle Handling v1.0 Changes handling of cars and bikes in general, including surface types. Why the mod? Current vehicle handling especially on different surface types is "weird". People already are trying to fix this, this is my take on the matter. ------------------------

Drivable Mobility Scooter
Replaces the maimai with a mobility scooter. READ THE DESCRIPTION OR PERISH This mod replaces every maimai with a mobility scooter. It is done by mesh swapping, so don't expect anything amazing. IF YOU HAVE OTHER CAR MODS YOU MAY END UP WITH WHEELS AND LICENSE PLATES SHOWING. Dumb stuff: Passengers

All Drops Legendary
Tired of farming for legendary loot? Here's a mod which modifies all loot (excluding meds, junk items, consumables which have their respective quality) to spawn as legendary items. Whether you loot from the bodies or containers. Actually it does more than that, It changes everything it can to

Headshot Damage
Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Headshot Damage v1.0 Raises headshot damage that weapons gain at higher levels or through upgrading. Why the mod? I was asked for this. Also on lower levels several headshots are needed on enemies aka heads are sometimes bullet sponges. The values edited are bonuses affecting

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