spawn0 - Character preset 01
Sp0 Charatcer preset Requested character preset for my V. Thanks to Snapdragon2 for Save Editor. To load preset: Go to Appearance Tab"Load Preset" will replace your character's appearance with one from a .preset file. "Save Preset" will save your character's appearance to a .preset file. Created

Judy as Claire Redifled
Installation 1 Cut the file "basegame_4_appearance.archive" from "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\content" and paste it one folder above "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc" 2 Extract the file "basegame_FirstTime.archive" inside the mod folder "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" 3 Play the game. Uninstallation 1

Future - Trunks Swap for V Player
Description: 1. Paste this mod archive in Pc Mod cyberpunk 2077 load you with Cat Save editor .preset and save after this go in Game and give conseole Game.ClearEquipment() don't worry you don't lose anything, it makes everything fresh so that the gorilla poor and so disappear, you can always buy

Alt and Evelyn JoyToy Swaps
JoyToy Evelyn (Jig-Jig street) & JoyToy Alt Cunningham (Dark Matter) The main file replaces the female JoyToy options to Evelyn (Jig-Jig street) & Alt Cunningham(Dark Matter) There is no nude Evelyn model in-game, but I try to switch her clothing up a bit so you get some variations during

Yuriko Watanabe Spiderman Hair
Replaces the 18th slot hair with Yuriko Watanabe from ps4 Spiderman ! Install : 1 Download and extract the mod from here 2 Drag the archive folder into your "Cyberpunk 2077" root game folder, where you already have an archive folder Notes : This Replaces the 18th slot hair with Yuriko Watanabe from

Neokitsch Hedonistic V
Character Preset for a Neokitsch V, including .pdf with Mod links on Nexus and Caracter Creation Parameters A CAT preset for Fem V, including a .pdf with a detailed description on how to create her plus a link to all Nexus Mods used. Created by ygollonac

Photomode T-Pose
Replaces the "I know Kung Fu" pose with a T-Pose Created by SilverEzredes

Corpo Male - Post Heist save
I've made the dialogue choices required in the prologue for the potential "don't fear the reaper" ending. The rest is up to you Created by B4S3D

Us Cracks Exposed - Nude Blue Moon
Simple nude model for Blue Moon. Please see description for details and (minimal) limitations of the mod. Nothing much to say. Does as it says, with a few caveats. I am uploading this due to the multiple requests I have recieved. I am also working on different mods and characters. I don't foresee

Concept Art Look for Johnny - WIP
Gives Johnny some concept art inspired scars + tattoo (WIP!!!) Johnny looked really badass with the scars in the concept art. Wonder why they took them out. But anyways, here's my attempt at adding them back. It's still a WIP, but by the time this mod will be done, the game will actually be

Motoko Kusanagi - CyberCAT Preset
This is a save editor preset of my version of Major Kusanagi from Ghost In the Shell. This preset is my take on Ghost In The Shell's Major Motoko Kusanagi. I have taken inspiration mostly from the Stand Alone Complex animes, the manga and a tiny little bit from the Live-Action GitS movie with

Jade female V preset (CyberCAT)
CyberCAT Female V Preset Tiny video included to observe her in 180 Kala's Feminine Complexion Edits was used with Natural Lips No Blush And No Mole settings Created by: Jade

Preset for Anon
I'm a big guy and this is for you. Created by Pr0c

Zero V - Fresh Act 2 Start
Modified save games intended for use with save game editing, mod testing, or starting a 'fresh' game from Act 2. Zero V - Fresh Act 2 Start Modified save games intended for use with save game editing, mod testing, or starting a 'fresh' game from Act 2. The Pickup was resolved by paying for the

V Street Kid - Thug Life
Finally, I made the STEP to post my PARTIAL Street Kid V preset I already put in the picture section but never posted as a preset. WARNING: at the time I created the character I didn´t do many screencaps. I didn´t know it was so easy to actually create presets. You might have to test yourself until

Lady-Bug The Netrunner (CyberCAT Preset)
A modded Preset for you to role-play as Meet Lady-Bug, a Night city Underground Netrunner based out in Watson. Lady-Bug is a skilled Netrunner Slicer, able to hack anything she wants to and was once a student of the Legendary T-Bug. Lady-Bug is a modded preset I created in my free time while

PRISTY - Blade Runner Misty
Blade Runner (1982) Pris makeup replacer for Misty. Makes Misty looks more like Pris from Blade Runner.

tigersynth51 V preset
There were many people asking me the preset, but I can't answer all of you guys so I put my own V preset here. Please read the readme.txt in the archive. If you have question, don't be hesitate to ask.

V Preset Male AND Female
This is simply my male and female presets for V.

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