Ilyich’s Call 3: General Staff Map v1.2

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Ilyich’s Call 3: General Staff Map v1.2   

You find yourself in an old forest on the outskirts of a collective farm. The task is to help local residents prepare firewood.
On the map:
– 1 Garage (Closed);
– 0 Lumberjacks;
– 0 Loading points;
– 6 Sawmills;
– 7 Beds of firewood;
– 1 Auto at the start + 6 Auto on the map;
It is recommended to use the MTZ-82 mod (it is already sewn into the card, there are 4 of them on the card, including those with repair parts and carts for firewood);
For a quick passage in multiplayer on the plots, you can find loaded carts for MTZ (2 points);
But even without it, you can easily open the garage and be able to use your equipment;
It is recommended to use an electric winch;
Дмитрий Маркин

Kudrovo Map v1

Poleglot Sauna Map v28.06.21

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