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MOD CAR TAYCAN TURBO S V1.0 FOR BEAMNG.DRIVE Taycan Turbo S Plus + The dashboard is working + The steering wheel is working + Pedals are working + High-quality interior + High-quality 3D model Cons -Not my Jbeam P.S Please do not overfill my mod, dear FLY5656) CREDITS: lotusk99

Mercedes-Benz 190 Td 2.5
The legend of the German car industry from Mercedes model 190 TD 2.5 for City Car Driving 1.5.9. Drive type: front Gearbox type and number of gears: manual transmission 5; Automatic transmission 4 Maximum power: 145 HP Max. speed: 197 km/h Acceleration time: 9.3 sec Installation: Manual

Mercedes-Benz Gle 300D 2020
Another high-quality crossover for SSD with extras. Max. power: 180 kW / 241 HP Torque: 500 Nm Max. speed: 226 km / h Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 7.8 Seconds Transmission: 9-Speed ​​Automatic Model of the exterior and interior HQ (TurboSquid – HKV Studios); Realistic physics; Passenger

Dodge Durango SRT8 for BeamNG DRIVE 0.23.5 - Elaborate external skeleton; - Textures PBR; - Changes color; - Normal damage; - Working optics; - The steering wheel turns and the dashboard lights up; - Good textures; - Glass breaks; - Two configurations; - Your engine sounds; - Your wheels. Version

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 and 23 extras for it. Mod features 2004 Volkswagen Golf Mk5 2.0 FSI - Maximum power - 110 kW / 150 HP / 148 hp; - Maximum torque - 200 Nm / 147 lb-ft; - Maximum speed - 210 km / h; - Acceleration 0-100 km / h - 9.3 seconds; - Transmission - 6-speed manual / 6-speed automatic.

Mod features Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon Features: - Maximum power-272 hp - Maximum torque-400 Nm - The maximum speed is 200 km / h. - Acceleration 0-100 km / h - 7 s - Transmission - 8-speed automatic Extras: - 2.2 turbocharged diesel engine - Interior in black fabric. - Black roof and fenders of

Gelandewagen Pack Updated And Fixed For BeamNG.Drive What News In This Updated? Added PBR Paint, Fixed Problem For Changing Color New Configuration : Gelik, Offroad #2, G65 #2 RoadTrip, Updated Configuration For Offroad Configuration, New Parts : RoofBox CREDITS: 58_gramm & Volga

Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren For BeamNG.Drive Included Mod : removeable parts, glass break, color change, paint pbr, customization, medium quality damaged, abs cons : steering wheel is not spinning, incorrect license plate position, incorrect engine, sound is loud, incorrect door hinges or bad door

Toyota Mark II (JZX৪1) 1990
Toyota Mark II (JZX৪1) 1990 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: pabl0154 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Mazda RX-8 Mias
Mazda RX-8 Mias car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: kit Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Ibishu 300BX V0.81
Ibishu 300BX car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Agent Uly Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Gavril D-Series Expansion Pack V2.2.1
Authors: iRetr0x Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

The mod is not yet a final version, but it will go for release. From the pros: + PBR, + there is no bug in which details from official models appear, + there are configs. Of the minuses: -the textures of the cabin and the engine are krinzhovye, -the rear axle is a little out of place (I will fix it

Mercedes-Benz E 350 D Estate (S213) 2017
Mercedes-Benz E 350 D Estate (S213) 2017 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: lotusk99 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Gavril Bluebuck Station Wagon
Gavril Bluebuck Station Wagon mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Calarist Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

ETK 800-Series Sedan V2.3.1
ETK 800-Series Sedan mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Milendur Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Awesome mod! 8 Modifications, excellent bodywork and damage, PBR materials. Everything is detailed. CREDITS: Xeromastor

Volkswagen Golf R 2017 + Painting 1,5 PBR + Headlights work + Dashboard works + Steering wheel works + Pedals work + High quality interior + Quality model + Work lights and turn signals - Not your own Jbeam CREDITS: SteelRose

Toyota Camry V40 Mod of good quality. There is a small problem with the tidy textures, but when the headlights are turned on, the problem disappears. CREDITS: task

Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic 2018
Realistic Physics; Passenger Transportation; Trailer Support; Support for right and left drive; Reversing camera, 360 camera; Raindrops on glass in rainy weather; Snow on glass in snowy weather; Internal buttons light up at night; Indoor ambient lighting with gradient effect; The display shows the

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