GWC G1083 v1.0.0
We are at it again, this time we got the GWC G1083 based on the Oshkosh M1083. With 6×6 capability, it climbs like a goat, but is still nimble. Plenty of power options catering to both type of players, those who want a vanilla feel and those who want a more OP game experience. Custom 2 slot bed,

Dearborn D150 “Chariot” v1.0.0
This truck is nothing fancy. It was one of my first attempts at putting a truck in the game that I gave up on. But now with a little more experience I decided to get it up to a point it could be enjoyed by the public. There are no gauges, no mirrors, and a really ugly interior. And that’s fine by

Fleetstar F2070A JBE v0.5
Haven’t done a tweak in a minute. I’m sure something needs adjusting or fixed. Let me know. Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize

Porpoise Tech Bandit v1.0
Add wheels, suspension (active), winches, addons, adjusted addons, tweaked some stuff. Credits: Dolphin

Type S-100 v1.0
Type S-100 Arnie from a mid XX century. It looks like a classic truck but extremely raised in size and mass. Truck can carry many cargos at once by special platforms. Huge wheels are very good offroad. Choice between highrange and offroad gearboxes, between power and fuel consumption in engines.

Ogre 350 v1.0.0
Are you interested in finding more information about MudRunner SR Trucks mods? Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various Spintires: MudRunner Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular MudRunner mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions.

Keny C-500 TwinSteer 10×10 v5.0
Im very pround to present you the Keny C-500 TwinSteer 5 Axle. The Workhorse Alpha! This is a very massive truck extremely powerfull made for hauling heavy equipement in the forest or other place you need offroad truck. 4 engine 3 susp 2 custom cargo platform ( 2x slot and 4x slot ) made by me 1

Glitchworks Tuned Loadstar v1.0.1
Ok folks, we had another request come in. Someone kindly requested a tuned up Loadstar. I found some time in my busy schedule to conjure one up. Here is the run down on what we did… Glitchworks tuned engines, winches, and suspensions Saddle Low for hauling some of those bigger trailers Ford F750

Keny C-500 v4.0
Im very pround to present you the Kenworth C-500 2001 This is a massive truck very powerfull made for hauling heavy equipement in the forest or other place you need offroad truck. Custom Repair Tank made by me ( spare tire on it is made by TNB BigDubz420 ) ( extinguiser and military box from

Silver-Arrows UMG500 v1.0.1
Some features the UMG500 has: Selectable AWD Locked differentials Vehicle customization Realistic winch and crane points Multiple tire options No region or level lock Credits: maxmike181

Mercedes Unimog U4023 v2.0.0
Thanks to modern technology, the Unimog masters practically every challenge. All-wheel drive and extreme torsional flexibility give the robust commercial vehicle a head start in rough terrain: The Unimog takes work teams, material and heavy implements to their place of deployment, no matter how

CAT 770 v1.0
Download initial extract. Drag [media], vinitial.cache_block, initial.link_block, initial.link_block and drop it in your initial. My Game version is: SnowRunner.Location and Deliver Codex 12.1 Since there is a lot of support installed in my initial, you have to install it correctly Watch at the

Z-170v75 Prototype Truck v1.0
I’d like to represent my next custom mod – Z-170v75 prototype truck. The 3d model including textures has been created with particular attention to detail. My goal is to create a reasonably realistic mods which have technical parameters nearing to tuned real truck. Mod will be updated with a new

Mazai RSK v1.1.0
One car has a good cross-country ability, its own and default adons, several of its wheels , its own body kit. Credits: Kot76RSK

Kolob 74760 SpecialEdition v1.0
A complete tuned Kolob 74760 with a lot of Addons, Colours and other Stuff, and a Special Offroad 8 Slot steered Trailer. Thanks to Killofdev and Masterkosta for their Permission to use Log Addon and Tires! Mod in Progress, more Stuff soon! Credits: MightyMudmaster

UniCOLT Truck – Made in Sri Lanka v0.02
The UniCOLT blueprints have been developed through multiple videos and images as there is no blueprint available online. While the truck was modeled for Snowrunner by me, the real credits go to the Sri Lanka Electrical Mechanical and Engineering (SLEME) Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army as they have

Boynyak T-800 v1.5
Its a Military Umbrella Corp. Unit build to do anything anywhere in every condition. A little bit OP but i like it like that. 3 engine 3 susp 3 gearbox 3 set of tire and rim made TNB BigDubz420 Only one Color ( Sorry ) Custom; snorkel, spare wheel, tool box , Jail , cargo carry 2 slot Also have all

SCOUT truck “The Duck” 805 v1.0.0
After lot of hard work ( over 70 hours ..) here it is – really nice small SCOUT truck “The Duck” !!ITS CONSOLES READY!! It was originally hand made and textured by Max Dmitriev for Mudrunner – and now its in Snowrunner ( with a lot changes! ) for you! 3 variations of this beauty puppy – 1. normal,

Porpoise Tech Kolab 74941 v1.0
Added various addons, exhaust, snorkels roof addons, bumpers, engines, sounds, gearbox, suspensions, wheels, and colors. Credits: Dolphin

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