There are three cars with different colors in fashion. Two auto scouts, and the third one made it possible to pull default trailers, it is called KHAN 39 Offroad. Mod has; – 9 own addons; – 3 types of wheels. KHAN 39 Offroad has; – 9 own addons + default trailers; – 2 types of wheels. Credits: Sergo

Far from the metropolis Map v1.0
Gentlemen, all the good time of the day. I have a job for you! Your task: 1) Explore the area; 2) Deliver the Urals to the garage; 3) Deliver timber to the sawmills. Waiting for you on the map: – 1 garage (closed); – 4 sawmills; – 2 loading points; – 1 felling site; – 1 gas station; – 4 points of

Pants Map v1.0
The map is small, but in some places it was hard for default. On the map: – 1 garage (closed); – 1 gas station; – 1 felling site; – 2 loading points; – 5 sawmills; – 4 points of reconnaissance; – 3 cars at the start (can be replaced) + 3 cars on the map. Credits: Николай NWolf Артамонов

Post-Apocalyptic mod (add-on) v1.0
Differences: – During the day, there is also a reddish sky; – Slightly increased the volume of background sounds; – Lighting is a little darker; – In the evening, the sky is not so red. Credits: Vlad&MIR

Khan 317 Sentinel mod v1
Envelope and refinement of this mod from MudRunner. The mod itself is the envelope of the mod from SnowRunner. Envelope author: Soul Reaver. There are three cars in fashion with different textures. It has: – 7 of their addons. Carries cargo 2 points. Credits: Sergo

Kolkhoznik # 2
Long wheelbase platform. In total it carries 8 points. 2 types of wheels. Credits: Дмитрий Ткачёв

Colored Heavens Gold
The Gold version of “Colored Skies” is a combination of the first two versions with certain improvements and the addition of a normal sky. The first two versions (Colored Skies and Colored Skies 2 are still playable, but somewhere in between. The sky has become prettier, new colors have been added,

Graphics 03.03.16
On request, I made graphics for 03/03/16 without changing the physics of dirt, there are two graphics options in the archive. How do they say? I am an artist, as I see it, maybe someone will come to it. I also highly recommend using Reshade) Installation: Move and replace the contents of the

KrAZ 257 Pack Original v1.0
Characteristics: 1. Does not replace anything. Tested on SpinTires; 2. There are animations of the steering wheel, cockpit, suspension, frame, mirrors, cardan shafts, gas pedals, add-ons and mudguards; 3. There are several addons; 4. Average permeability; 5. You can carry several types of cargo; 6.

Flood Map v1.0
Hello everyone! On my birthday I decided to lay out one more card. I want to start by saying that I had a few more cards in front of the Village map. I will return to more. The Flood is one of these cards (just finalized). Perfect for those who love puddles (rivers), but do not like to drown in

MRAP “Cougar” 4×4 v1
Armored vehicle with enhanced mine protection “Cougar” (“Puma”) was developed by the American company Force Protection Inc (FPI), South Carolina. It has a V-shaped bottom, which redistributes the energy of the blast wave away from the crew. The Cougar is built with a 4×4 wheel arrangement. Has 10

Summer Forest Map v1.1
On the map: – 6 sawmills; – 1 garage – closed; – 9 points of reconnaissance; – 3 starting slots; – 1 gas station; – 2 points of loading + felling; – Map size: 1×1 km; – map converted from Mudrunner game. Version 1.1 for SpinTires (v03.03.16 / 1.7.1): – Added missing road overlay texture. Credits:

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 2019 mod v1
At the request of the players, I made an envelope for this mod from Mudrunner. There are 2 cars in fashion with different characteristics. AdM Tundra19: – Has 11 of its addons. AdM tundra19_1: – Has 11 of its addons + default trailers. Credits: Sergo

VOLVO FH16 8×8 Pack – Recycling v1.0
Pack Volvo FH16 8×8. There are 7 trucks in the pack. Most of the work is done with textures. I made addons for myself: – Container – garage parts; – Container – cargo to the sawmill. Credits: Tong Zhi

Village Map v1.0
Hello everyone. This is my first card, please do not judge strictly. I tried to do everything efficiently. Objective: to open a second garage. I advise you to use the UAZ-469 as a starting vehicle (do not change). I put Gas-66 in case KAMAZ breaks down or gets stuck. Good luck with your

Fedorovka map v1.1
Hello everyone. I present to your attention a map created on the basis of “real terrain” (well, as far as possible). This card should appeal to those who do not like too much dirt and just want to play and relax. On the map: – One starting car; – 2 closed garages (but you won’t have to look for the

Trailer for 5 and 8 points v1
The trailer loads 5 load points – 4 short logs and 8 load points – 3 medium logs (load envelope with SnowRunner). It also has 300 repair points and 350 liters of fuel. There is an opportunity to block the front axle of the trailer when driving backwards. Attaches to all trucks that have a

Fedorovka map v1.0
Hello everyone. I present to your attention a map created on the basis of “real terrain” (well, as far as possible). This card should appeal to those who do not like a lot of dirt and just want to play and relax. On the map: – One starting car; – 2 closed garages (but you won’t have to look for the

SISU C600 Truck v1.2
Added 3 add-ons, changed the sound of the car, straightened the wheels did not get dirty, blocked add-ons were placed on top of each other, added 3 types of cargo to the side of the body. The mod has: – 15 of their add-ons + default; – 3 types of wheels; – Your cargo; – Steering wheel animation.

Colored Heavens 2 v2
A media file that changes the color of the sky for SpinTires. This is a standalone version, a second, not a standalone update. Has brighter textures, new colors. This version is for HD game, the first version is not compatible with HD. If this version crashes the game – try the first version of the

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