C-EQ2081 Truck v1

Uploader: kyhk, 12-03-2021, 09:43, Spintires / Spintires Trucks, 157, 0

C-EQ2081 Truck v1  

This truck was taken from the SpinTires v1.7.1 “China Adventure DLC” add-on and reconfigured to version 03.03.16. The C-EQ2081 is a heavy duty Chinese 6X6 truck with a powerful diesel engine designed for mountainous areas. Functions of the C-EQ2081 include crane, crane leg, platform, fuel tank, garage parts, spare wheel, reserve fuel tank, and utility load superstructure.
The mod has:
– 10 of their add-ons;
– 5 default;
– Your cargo.

B-CA10 4×2 Truck v1

T-150 6×6 v1

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