T-150 6×6 v1

Uploader: kyhk, 22-03-2021, 09:52, Spintires / Spintires Trucks, 154, 0

T-150 6×6 v1

Mod made for myself, maybe someone else will fit for a change.
Made the optimization of the mod for the new version 1.7.1. Tweaked the engine sound, tweaked the lights
adjusted the gearbox, added tracks, descent and pumping of the wheels, prescribed the steering wheel animation.
Rewrote it to avoid confusion with other mods.
It has:
– 2 of their add-ons + default trailers;
– animation of the steering wheel and arrows;
– carries 4 points of logs + another trailer;
– view from the cockpit

C-EQ2081 Truck v1

MTZ-82 Tractor v1

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