There are three cars with different colors in fashion. Two auto scouts, and the third one made it possible to pull default trailers, it is called KHAN 39 Offroad. Mod has; – 9 own addons; – 3 types of wheels. KHAN 39 Offroad has; – 9 own addons + default trailers; – 2 types of wheels. Credits: Sergo

Khan 317 Sentinel mod v1
Envelope and refinement of this mod from MudRunner. The mod itself is the envelope of the mod from SnowRunner. Envelope author: Soul Reaver. There are three cars in fashion with different textures. It has: – 7 of their addons. Carries cargo 2 points. Credits: Sergo

MRAP “Cougar” 4×4 v1
Armored vehicle with enhanced mine protection “Cougar” (“Puma”) was developed by the American company Force Protection Inc (FPI), South Carolina. It has a V-shaped bottom, which redistributes the energy of the blast wave away from the crew. The Cougar is built with a 4×4 wheel arrangement. Has 10

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 2019 mod v1
At the request of the players, I made an envelope for this mod from Mudrunner. There are 2 cars in fashion with different characteristics. AdM Tundra19: – Has 11 of its addons. AdM tundra19_1: – Has 11 of its addons + default trailers. Credits: Sergo

UAZ Patriot (uaz 3163) Off Road v0.1
Envelope UAZ Patriot from MudRunner. An excellent scout. Credits: AleksandrMalawskii

UAZ-3907 “Jaguar” / UAZ-3909 “Jaguar” v1.1
Hello comrades. I wanted to put this monster on the water. Delivered … There are 2 variants of the car in the archive: the first for 03/03/16, the second for 1.6. The mod has: – 4 addons; – 3 types of wheels. Theoretically, this is a rethinking of this mod. Here is the changelog: – now you do not

Corvega Atomic V8 mod v10.01.21
A car from the Fallout series of games. The car has an addon and several types of wheels. There is an animated suspension and work lights. The Corvega Atomic V8 has been redesigned and adapted for the Spintires with the addition of suspension elements and a hook. Also the UV mapping has undergone

Uaz 469M Mod v1
At the request of the players, I made an envelope from MudRunner. Mod Has: – 6 of their addons; – 3 types of wheels; – Can carry cargo; The mod was tested on 03/03/16 on a new one. Credits: Sergo

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