KrAZ-260 Truck – Alteration v1.0
Changes: – Rear axle shifted back; – Made a large sleeping bag; – Changed the bumper. Credits: Алексей Бешкильцев

ZIL-E167 v1
ZIL-E167 (“E” – experimental) is an experimental model of an all-terrain truck designed for off-road use and under adverse climatic conditions. It was developed and tested in 1962-1964. at the Moscow Likhachev Plant. The truck passed the tests, but the serial production of this model, for a number

E167 (Zil-E167) Truck v1
I made the registration of the E167 truck from the Canyons DLC so that you can carry firewood, repairs and a garage. The mod has: – 6 of their addons; – 2 types of wheels; – Carries 4 cargo points on itself. The folder contains additional textures that differ from the standard. Installation for

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