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At the time of the update from 05/19/2022, the landscape file has changed. Please clear the cache for this level by deleting the "lucasoilsw" file in the "0.24/levels" folder.

Today I present you an early version of the Lucas Oil Speedway Off Road course from Wheatland, Missouri! This is a fairly early version, but the track itself is fully controllable (just needs some decoration) and is configured for AI movement along the track. The areas outside the track are still empty while I collect or find models of the surrounding buildings and structures. As was the case with previous Lucas Oil courses, this was done using lidar data in combination with as recent aerial photographs of the surrounding area as possible.

I experimented with different areas of caterpillar consistency, such as wetter dirt inside turns and landing zones, and drier and looser dirt outside turns. It's still very experimental, so if you have feedback on how to improve it, I'd be grateful!

This is a good combination of high-speed and technical sections. You can go 80+ on the back straight if you make the previous turn correctly. And if you make a huge jump off the table at 75 miles per hour, you will land perfectly on the other side of the table. Features: Starting Zone Big Jump Over lower Zone Hairpin Turns

CREDITS: nachtstiel


Lucas Oil Speedway 1.2.1

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