Trackfab Unlimited v 2.3

Uploader: kyhk, 27-06-2022, 21:58, BeamNG Drive / BeamNG Drive Cars, 26, 0

Trackfab Unlimited v 2.3

Designed to travel through the desert at breakneck speeds, this buggy is equipped with more than 20-inch suspension travel, large tires and a powerful V8 engine.

- Gavril 5.5L V8 with power modifications;
- 5-speed manual transmission;
- Front and rear independent suspension;
- Functional front and rear lights;
- Interior with animated details and GPS.

Version 2.3:
- Improved interior camera;
- Improved/updated radiator;
- PBR paint;
- Added FFB option;
- Other improvements.

CREDITS: TrackpadUser

Trackfab Brawler v 2.3

FORD F-150

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