Bolide Track Toy v 8
Heavily modified Civetta Bolide, received suspension and engine. - Improved appearance of brake discs, suspension springs; - New front splitter and rear wing; - New supercharger; - Fully working gearbox lever; - And other animations and improvements. Version 8.00: - New configurations: Wheelie,

Hirochi Start v 3.1.1
Using the Sunburst model as a base, the Hirochi Start was born to be one of the cheapest cars in individual markets Compared to any other Sunburst model, Start has: - black plastic front and rear bumpers, side skirts and mirrors. - main steel discs Engine configuration / parameters: 1.0 L 95 HP I3

-Good 3d model -Good damage -Modified skeleton -Its own full-fledged engine+its own sounds -Full bodywork -3 Different turbines in Stage 1/2/3 -8 Front bumpers -3 Rear bumpers -3 Wing types -1 Wide body kit for rear wings -2 Hood types -7 Spoilers -Animated motor -Its wheels from 18 to 20 radius

BMW M8 F91-F92
Mod Features: M8 / M8 Competition / First Edition / CS / Manhart MH8 / Convertible / Keyvany Kit / Widebody Kit 100% Jbeamed Custom Sounds full working Interior and Stuff correct Glowmaps of Lights customisation parts like custom headlights and much more CREDITS: ALEXMODS

Offering the latest version of Super Cruise†, HUMMER EV with driver-assistance technology for hands-free driving and Automatic Lane Change† works on more than ... CREDITS: DanYeah

Audi A6 C7
- Working lighting equipment; - more than 30 configurations; - Your wheels; - Good damage; - Broken glass; - Well-developed engine; - Detailed body + PBR; - Detailed interior + PBR - Animated turn signals on some versions CREDITS: ringt0n

Toyota Ipsum
5 Configurations - Offroad, Race, Drift, Stock, Furi. Pros: PBR. Nice interior. Good damage. Work light. Breaking glass. cons: Maybe permanent drive. CREDITS: FIRBY

Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe
- Working lighting equipment; - 11 configurations; - Your wheels; - Good damage; - Broken glass; - Developed engine; - Detailed body + PBR; - Detailed interior + PBR CREDITS: FIRBY

Rolls-Royce Cullinan
6 Configurations - Black Badge, Base, Holiday Edition, Lux, US Undercover, EU Undercover. Pros: PBR. Average interior. Average damage. Work light. Breaking glass. Cons: Dashboard not working. Some minor issues. CREDITS: Tunerrs

Extremely high quality TRX I made! Enjoy everyone! CREDITS: ringt0n

Toyota Mark II 100 3.0
Good mod. Lots of configurations. Working lights. Working dashboard. Nice jbeam. Own wheels. Good appearance. CREDITS: Net Nuka And BobRex

Honda Civic SR FD
5 Configurations - Stance, Russian Police, Type-R, Sport, 2008 FD Pros: PBR Good damage Work lights Shattering Glass Good sound Cons: Average interior CREDITS: FIRBY

Volkswagen Passat B3
The mod adds many configurations to the Volkswagen Passat b3 game, working optics, dashboard, skins, its skeleton, its wheels CREDITS: WhiteSpirit

Jaguar F-Pace S
● Working lights ● Medium damage ● Broken glass ● Detailed engine and engine compartment ● Detailed bodywork ● Detailed interior CREDITS: Kenemation

Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car
Release 1.1! This release adds a lot of features and fixes a lot of issues, hope you enjoy it! Functions: - Added sunroofs that behave realistically - Added hood guards, which also behave realistically Changes: - Adjusted downforce and lift so the car is still susceptible to bumps, but much easier

98-11 Ford Crown Victoria v1.75
V1.75 - 06/17/2022 Minor update to fix lightbar texture issues since game version 0.25 was released. CORRECTED Missing lightbar textures Wrong pulley placement on 4V 4.6L V8 Ford Crown Victoria 98-11, which the author has dreamed of all his life. The main body and its panels are taken from Forza.

Mercedes SLR McLaren 722S Edition Coupe
- Qualitative model; - High-quality textures; - Bad salon; - Fast acceleration, good speed; - Good handling. CREDITS: Allkxn

BMW M5 F90
Mod Features: M5 / M5 Competition / M5 CS 100% Jbeamed Custom Sounds full working Interior and Stuff much customisation parts CREDITS: ALEXMODS

VOLVO S60 2021
Volvo S60 2021 Mod includes: -Good 3D model; -PBR painting; -Own wheels; -Multiple configurations; -Working optics; -Detailing; -Detailed external skeleton; -Well-designed interior; -Good physics; -Supports Openable; CREDITS: VictorBNGmods

Kia Sportage (NQ5) GT-Line 2022 Мод включает в себя: -Хорошая 3D модель; -PBR покраска; -Свои колёса; -Несколько конфигураций; -Детализация; -Проработанный внешний скелет; -Хорошая физика; CREDITS: VictorBNGmods

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