GAZ 33021 "Gazelle"
GAZ 33021 "Gazelle" for City Car Driving Sound: Original in-game. Installation: Manual (the code is already entered). Transportation: Available. Drive type: rear Type of gearbox and number of gears: manual transmission-5 Maximum power: 140 hp Maximum speed: 120 km/h CREDITS: KsenON116rus

KAMAZ 43118 6×6 v2
KAMAZ 43118 6×6 v2.0 for City Car Driving List of extras that are available: 1. Tinted rear windows 2. Tinted without windshield 3. Toning in a circle 4. Wide frames for numbers 5. No numbers 6. Engine tuning 7. Gray ceiling 8. Additional mirror 1 9. Additional mirror 2 10. Roof lining 11.

КамАЗ 43118 6x6 v2
In addition to the main extras that are in the first version of Kamaz, 15-21 extras were added, and the physics of the car and the checkpoint were slightly rebuilt. The car has 3 wipers (fully functional, they clean as it should), a manual transmission with a divider (letter X for activation: low,

KAMAZ 43118
KAMAZ 43118 for City Car Driving Soviet, then Russian company, manufacturer of diesel trucks and diesel engines, operating since 1976. It also produces buses, electric buses, water buses, tractors, combines, electric units, thermal mini-power plants and components. Drive type: Full. Gearbox

Ural 4320 v1
The car has a permanent wheel lock, front-wheel drive is connected (Q key). Characteristics of the Ural 4320 truck: - Drive type: Permanent rear + plug-in front (Q) - Gearbox type: Manual transmission 5 (10) - Maximum power: 250 hp – Curb weight of the vehicle, kg: 8050 – Carrying capacity of the

GAZ AA "Lorry"
Characteristics GAZ AA "Lorry" - Type of drive: rear; - Type of gearbox and number of gears: manual transmission-4; – Maximum power: 50 hp; – Maximum speed: 70 km/h. The code is already entered! Author: KsenON116rus

Kamaz 4911 Rally Master
Kamaz 4911 Rally Master for City Car Driving ( The famous sports version of Kamaz for CCD. Mod Features Characteristics KamAZ 4911 "Master" – Drive type: 4x4 - Type of gearbox and number of gears: manual transmission-8 – Maximum power: 730 hp – Maximum speed: 180 km/h Adapted for game

Gazelle Next for City Car Driving ( Would you like to ride the updated Gazelle in CCD? Now there is such an opportunity. The modification adds a new car from the GAZ plant - Gazelle "Next" in City Car Driving Mod Features – The machine is perfectly executed; – High quality textures

KAMAZ 43118
External features (new): - New headlight setting with more correct glow. Again, not just a "setting", but an innovation - the inner and outer cone of the glow. - Rebuilt physics and brakes - Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) a car on asphalt (an innovation, not previously

Zil 130 Pack
Characteristics Zil 130 (side) – Drive type: rear – Gearbox type: MKPP-5 – Maximum power: 150 hp – Maximum speed: 90 km / h Characteristics Zil 130 (dump truck) – Drive type: rear – Gearbox type: MKPP-5 – Maximum power: 150 hp – Maximum speed: 90 km / h Characteristics Zil 130 (sport, tuned) –

Man Tgs Truck
Adaptation of the truck mod for the latest patches Drive type: 6×2; Gearbox type and number of gears: MT-8, AT-8; Engine power: 320 hp; Maximum speed: 120 km / h. Installation: Manual Passenger transportation available Updated for 1.5.9 – Physics updated Collision fixed (now traffic does

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