The Quadra Turbo-R ''Arcadia'' - a Nomad Conversion

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The Quadra Turbo-R ''Arcadia'' - a Nomad Conversion  

My first REAL attempt at serious modding. Expect minor clipping/texture oddities, but enjoy nevertheless!

Introducing ...

The Quadra Turbo-R  - "Arcadia"
Some time after leaving Night City seemingly for good, V decided to make a brief return to the city for one final purpose:

To collect her car.

Travelling with the Aldecaldos the way she and Judy had been doing was tiresome when all she had to ride in was that overcramped Basilisk. Thus, V opted to bring back out of mothballs the one car she knew she could properly give the Aldecaldo Treatment: Her Quadra Turbo-R VTECH. She recovered the car without much issue and left Night City behind again, rendezvousing with the 'Caldos to give her old car the overhaul it deserved.

Six months, three busted transmissions, two blown exhaust manifolds, twelve shock absorbers, two ruined superchargers, and one inexplicably missing spark plug later, the Turbo-R had become another beast entirely. 

Featuring completely reworked suspension, new front and rear wheels, stripped bumpers, and even proper armored Crystaldome windows, the Arcadia became one of the fastest cars in the Bright Family's arsenal, and V would go on to use it in countless other missions beyond the walls of Night City.

  • Windows replaced with CrystalDome paneling (WORKING .... SORTA**  May be some clipping. This is my first real mod, remember!)
  • Stripped rear bumper retains brake light fixtures
  • Nomad-style rear wings and engine cover
  • Roof and bumper-mounted LED light bars (WORKING)
  • (Hopefully more colors coming soon!)
**The effect is only half present, and you may see some minor clipping when in first person camera. Hopefully it isn't too intrusive, though ...

Anyway, please let me know if you enjoy! (Or if you experience any issues). And thank you in advance for downloading!

Created by Noah - DoctorPortal 

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Custom Paint Job Pack

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Custom Paint Job Pack

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