Subtle Cyborg Eyes

Uploader: kyhk, 4-02-2021, 14:24, Cyberpunk 2007 / Cyberpunk 2007 Appearance, 175, 0

Subtle Cyborg Eyes   

Circuitry to replace the default iris textures for a more subtle cyborg vibe.
From a distance there's a hint of circuitry but looks natural otherwise.
Much more apparent and interesting up close.

Very simple iris texture replacement to add a subtle cyborg look with intricate circuitry in the eye.  From a distance it looks fairly natural, but up-close there's a lot of interesting detail.  

I may or may not add more re-textures with time.  This was just a bit of fun.

- This mod shouldn't affect eye recolors but will cause conflicts with other mods that aim to change the base eye textures.
- Yes, it does apply to both male and female V.

Use Vortex and install as normal OR, if installing manually, unzip and navigate to the archive file.  Place that file in "archive/pc/patch"  in your game's directory.  Create the directory if it doesn't exist.  In game any of the normal human eyes should now have the new texture.

Lizzy Wizzy Swap for V

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