NLA - Natural Lighting Atmosphere
NLA is a complete overhaul of the lighting and weathers for Cyberpunk 2077. It is currently in a WIP state, but completely stable with the available options. This is a complete remake of Cyberpunk's weather system. Though it is very limited for the time being, it will be expanded in due time.

How It Should Be CyberPunk Reshade
Like Vanilla Experience BUT(T) No more blur No more fade detail No more green tint INSTALL: Download and install ReShade v4.9.1 (Select and instal CAS.fx|Levels.fx|LumaSharpen.fx|LiftGammaGain.fx, deselect the others) Copy my preset to your main Cyberpunk2077 bin/x64

Skylab New York-The Cold Light of Day Reshade v1
Robocop (1987) and Minority Report meet in this custom Reshade. Great for gameplay and screenshots. Now Available This Reshade will make your Cyberpunk playthrough feel more cinematic. I've customized a new color palette that will give your Cyberpunk world a colder tone. The inspiration for this

a simple reshade preset
Asimple mod to add film grain ,antialising and others Requirements: reshade

a simple ReShade unpack the content of the arcive and the CyberSharpness folder into the game folder Created by b4youdie

JB - Better Grey Mesh Fix
A better fix for the grey mesh in game Credits for Kalel9 for finding out that i accidentally fixed it. :)

Zelda Moon Face
It is destined to crash into Night City Install: Extract RAR/7z to: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch or somewhere similar and if patch is not there make it - Crazy Join us over at discord for live research and mod progress! If you want to help out by all means and if

R8 - Different look for night city (Reshade Preset)
This is a Reshade preset that changes the look of the game significantly.

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