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Here you can download and upload mods for games: BeamNG Drive, City Car Driving, Spintires, Mudrunner, Snowrunner and Cyberpunk 2077. Time to share! - Share games mods, earn cash and games! Download speed is not limited. ModsBag is perfect place to store and share your own mods files.

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Volkswagen Passat B3
The mod adds many configurations to the Volkswagen Passat b3 game, working optics, dashboard, skins, its skeleton, its wheels CREDITS: WhiteSpirit

Jaguar F-Pace S
● Working lights ● Medium damage ● Broken glass ● Detailed engine and engine compartment ● Detailed bodywork ● Detailed interior CREDITS: Kenemation

Gen 6 NASCAR Stock Car
Release 1.1! This release adds a lot of features and fixes a lot of issues, hope you enjoy it! Functions: - Added sunroofs that behave realistically - Added hood guards, which also behave realistically Changes: - Adjusted downforce and lift so the car is still susceptible to bumps, but much easier

98-11 Ford Crown Victoria v1.75
V1.75 - 06/17/2022 Minor update to fix lightbar texture issues since game version 0.25 was released. CORRECTED Missing lightbar textures Wrong pulley placement on 4V 4.6L V8 Ford Crown Victoria 98-11, which the author has dreamed of all his life. The main body and its panels are taken from Forza.

Mercedes SLR McLaren 722S Edition Coupe
- Qualitative model; - High-quality textures; - Bad salon; - Fast acceleration, good speed; - Good handling. CREDITS: Allkxn

BMW M5 F90
Mod Features: M5 / M5 Competition / M5 CS 100% Jbeamed Custom Sounds full working Interior and Stuff much customisation parts CREDITS: ALEXMODS

Gavril Bluebuck Resto-Mod - Bastion Swap 1.0.1
In this mod you will find various new details, both original and borrowed from the Bastion. You get an elegant classic Bluebuck look by flying over others with the power of Bastion. Full list of what has been added: - Flush front and rear bumpers - Bastion 5.7L and 6.5 L engines with auxiliary

Civetta Bolide Small Pack
This is a small set for Bolide that I created because I wanted to. It's all. This mod adds : 2.4 and 2.8 V6 engines, complete sets with them. 1978-1981 Generation before facelift. Other things! CREDITS: N0mN0m

VOLVO S60 2021
Volvo S60 2021 Mod includes: -Good 3D model; -PBR painting; -Own wheels; -Multiple configurations; -Working optics; -Detailing; -Detailed external skeleton; -Well-designed interior; -Good physics; -Supports Openable; CREDITS: VictorBNGmods

Kia Sportage (NQ5) GT-Line 2022 Мод включает в себя: -Хорошая 3D модель; -PBR покраска; -Свои колёса; -Несколько конфигураций; -Детализация; -Проработанный внешний скелет; -Хорошая физика; CREDITS: VictorBNGmods

Coral Pink Sand Dunes 1.2
Today I present to you coral-pink sand dunes from southern Utah! (At least part of it is 2 square kilometers.) This is the southern part of the dunes, which has some vegetation, and steeper cliffs on the hills to the east. In the center of the map is a race track with a closed circle. The layout is

Ibishu Pessima Small Pack V2.2.2
Ibishu Pessima Small pack mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: driftbox Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Civetta Scintilla Small Pack
Civetta Scintilla Small pack mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: N0mN0m Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Hirochi Sunburst Boxer Engine Swaps V1.2
Hirochi Sunburst Boxer Engine Swaps mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: 13Stewartc Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Gavril D-Series Many Configurations V1.4.3
Gavril D-Series Many Configurations mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: QuiteClothy Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Autron Petitron V0.6.2
Autron Petitron car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: ibishucovet1987 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Volkswagen Passat (B6) 2005
Volkswagen Passat (B6) 2005 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: xeromastor Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Cadillac ATS-V
Car Cadillac ATS-V with different configurations. Pluses fashion: - PBR Textures; - Working tidy; - Working lights; - Has its own engine; - There is a bottom; - Your skeleton (jbeam); - Many variations of interior customization; - 20 configurations. Cons: The size of the mod. Author: KDM | MODS

Volkswagen Touareg R50 2008
Features: - HQ interior and exterior; - Transportation of passengers; - Rear View Camera; - Effects of snow and rain on the windshield; - Interior buttons glow at night; - Custom sounds; - Number plates glow; - 17 extras; - Other features. Mod Author: FaLLiN Sounds: TJ

BMW M6 E46 (2005-2010)
Pros of the mod: -The mod has PBR - 3 configurations -Working optics -Working speedometer / tachometer -Folding roof (on the Soft-top version) -Its wheels Cons of the mod: -The skeleton is not edited -Not very high-quality damage -Small size of the car CREDITS: zong / arbuz car models

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