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Drivable Garage 0.5a
Now you can drive in your garage! Create multiple cars at the same time. And even turn on/off the lights while driving. The garage itself can fit an airplane. Small that is. Known issues (all related to Vanilla) - No collisions (SUV and hatchback not released) . BeamNG: Garage V2 Assets CREDITS:

Standalone Garage V2
Offline version of the garage game map with IMG UI window: Allows you to manage multiple objects inside the map. It doesn't load the garage's user interface, which means you can freely navigate through it. CREDITS: DaddelZeit

Garage V2 w/out UI
The new garage map is presented in 0.25, but without the crap of the user interface and the ability to drive. Can be used if you want to drift around the poles or something like that, idk. It literally took about 5 minutes to create this mod . Known disadvantages: you can't change the light in the

United Nations Pack
Some UN peacekeeping forces, the World Food Program, UNESCO just made a few UN skins for vehicles in BeamNG, including UNFIBC and UNFIFIR. CREDITS: sheriff CR

Civetta Scintilla fast response ambulance livery
Ambulance, inspired by Polish ambulances and British police cars. Not painted comes with an ambulance configuration (Scintilla GTx with flashing lights ) . CREDITS: westereq

Civetta Scintilla Small Pack
This is a small bundle for Sinc.. Scentella?.. Scintilla! which I created because I wanted to. It's all. This mod adds : 4.5 V8 engine and some of its modifications. 3.6 TTC V6 engine and some other configurations with it. The "Illimitato" body, which is completely devoid of a roof! Other things!

Simple Speed Limit
A simple application with a user interface that displays the current speed limit used by AI and the police. To switch between units of measurement, right-click the user interface application. To cycle between designs, left-click in the UI application. It will save your input and load it if

Civetta Scintilla RHD
This mod adds a right-hand-drive saloon to the Civetta Scintilla. Includes right-hand drive versions of all interior details Added Details: - Right-hand drive chassis - Right-hand drive chassis - Right-hand drive windshield - The right-hand drive version of all interior details Includes right-hand

Gavril Phanta Alternative Parts
This mod adds new details to the Gavril Phanta mod. It includes: - New body, including new fenders - Alternative headlights - Alternative radiator grille - Adjustable 4-speed manual transmission Race - High-performance radiator CREDITS: RyanCookie

River Highway 1.2
A huge 8x8 km map with over 200 km/125 miles of roads to explore. Warning: This card will not work on weak computers. Like other large modified cards for the game, this one also requires a good computer with a lot of RAM. Your computer must be able to run official maps to be able to run this. The

Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2
Version 0.6.2 adds only custom handlebars to right-hand drive salons. List of changes ADDED - Custom handlebars for right-hand drive interiors. Brief description of the car The Autron Petitron (or P1) is a small and simple French car based on the Ibishu Covet, it is mainly known in France as a car

Civetta Scintilla Alternative Lights 1.0.2
Adds custom taillights I also added a config already with the headlights installed. Thanks BeamNG for creating Civetta Scintilla CREDITS: Bekwennn:)

Breakable Hardpoint 0.2
Added support for Civetta Scintilla. Fixed Civetta Bolide support. Breakable Hardpoint is a simple device that drops any items attached to it at the touch of a button. All of its nodes are fixed except the node it drops, so it floats. There is a mobile version called Breakable Link, which has no

Hirochi Suburst - Boxer Engine Swaps 1.2
Updated engine model (version 0.25 SBR4) Updated transmission model (edited version 0.25 SBR4) Updated radiator model (edited version 0.25 SBR4) The standard model of the air box has been updated to make it look more original. Added a functional radiator fan (all radiators) 2.0 Boxer Sport

Fugitive Dashboard 0.4
This is a car chase app. You can download and add it to your UI just like other UI apps. Be careful, this only works when you create Traffic (police). After Spawn Traffic(Police) you can only be offended in front of the police. This mod will display information about the car chase in real time. By

This is a remade mod from the 2013 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 Turbo.I made it because no one has done it or redone it before me DON'T STEAL!!!!!!!!! CREDITS: gunslinger_TV

Pessima Small Pack 2.2.2
New content: -Added config "Street Tuned V6" -Added config JDM GSz Fixes/Improvements: -Improved descriptions of factory configs -Fixed JDM internal camera -Improved "Sport Aero" grille -Replaced wheels for "Jubilee" configs -Improved "Rally" - Tarmac configuration" -Added "Shingo's Custom" skin

BMW M3 (F80) 2014
BMW M3 (F80) 2014 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Diesel Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2015
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2015 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: ringt0n Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (WK2) 2013
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (WK2) 2013 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Kenemation Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

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