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Here you can download and upload mods for games: BeamNG Drive, City Car Driving, Spintires, Mudrunner, Snowrunner and Cyberpunk 2077. Time to share! - Share games mods, earn cash and games! Download speed is not limited. ModsBag is perfect place to store and share your own mods files.

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Wald Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Black Bison Edition
Wald Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Black Bison Edition mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: ringt0n Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Javielucho Mad Mod V0.3.7
Authors: Javielucho Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Cherrier Vivace SV V1.8.6.1
Cherrier Vivace SV car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: W01T45 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Autron Petitron V0.6
Autron Petitron car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: ibishucovet1987 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Porsche Cayenne
- Good appearance; - PBR textures, interior; - You can adjust the interior color, brightness, reflection; - 8 different configurations; - Your engine sounds. Author: Kenemation mods

SMG is a subcompact budget coupe from the 70s. - Power: 42 hp; - Maximum speed: 130 km/h; - 2-speed manual transmission; - Soft independent suspension; - Weight: 757 kg. Well-designed interior, engine compartment, luggage compartment. The first-person view is registered. CREDITS: ateh

Calligraphy skin for civetta scintilla
To make everything work correctly, set this color CREDITS: Bandi08

This mod is a remade mod from the 2013 Buick RoadMaster 1996 Of the pros: a good 3D model, a large selection of configurations in Russian, awesome headlights, a tidy with amber backlight, color change, 4 engines and good textures. Of the shortcomings, I will note someone else's skeleton and the

D-Series Park Ranger Livery
An old version of the Park Ranger service pickup truck. Just a super basic fleet livery, which has been used only occasionally lately, it's just a skin - no configurations that need to be understood. If you want to edit something on it, don't hesitate. Perhaps in the future I will make several

sgt frog police skin 1.3
skin Bernadese police sergeant frog CREDITS: maxsaldeezy44

Full Cage for Moonhawk
this is my first mod I hope you like it CREDITS: war3345

-PBR -Own motors CREDITS: Xeromastor (FastLane)

- PBR - A good salon - A lot of their own motors - 34 Configs - Their wheels CREDITS: ringt0n

BMW M3 F80
- PBR; - High-quality model; - Headlights are tuned; - Several configurations (stock, carbon package, competency). CREDITS: Diesel

Mercedes Benz W211
- PBR; - Multiple configurations; - Your wheels; - Salon of normal quality. CREDITS: Diesel

Gavril Phanta V8 Cammer
Gavril Phanta V8 Cammer is an old racing car with a 500-650 horsepower engine. The game has 2 configurations and various design options. CREDITS: Angry_Bird

Civetta Scintilla Resized Wheels
Large tires/rims for Civetta Scintilla in two options: 22x12 and 22x14. There are no separate configurations, you will have to change the wheels yourself. CREDITS: MarkosRuiz

Scintilla Manual Gearbox conversion v 0.85
Do you like a manual transmission and are disappointed that there is no manual transmission in the new Scintilla racing car? The mod fixes this. - Custom interior remodeling; - Manual transmission lever; - Adjustable pedals of racing type (made of aluminum); - Steering wheel without petals; -

Diesel V10 for Civetta Scintilla
The mod adds a 15-liter V10 diesel engine, a 10-speed dual-clutch diesel transmission and a diesel supercharger for the Civetta Scintilla. CREDITS: RyanCookie

NASCAR Skin Pack v 1.4
The mod adds more than 20 NASCAR skins to the game for various standard game cars in BeamNG Drive. Version 1.4: - Added new skins (for Gavril Bluebuck); - Fixed some bugs. CREDITS: Myushi

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