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Gavril Phanta 1931 V1.2
Gavril Phanta 1931 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Lordlichi2006 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Ibishu Pessima Small Pack V2.2.1
Ibishu Pessima Small pack mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: driftbox Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Pessima Small Pack 2.2.1
-Removed "(2)" from the driftbox , Today at 8:51 JDM Update -Added JDM body variant -Added JDM configurations -Added "2.7 GSz" configuration -Added configuration "Grossima" -Added configuration "Beater Drift V6" -Added configuration "Track V6" - Changed the color of the "2.7 GXz"

C'est Pas Sorcier Semi 1.2
Special configuration for Gavril T75 (white and very powerful version) Marcel's Custom Horn (Epic) A special skin for the driven trailer You can customize the license plate (real on: 2725 PN 62) The name, logo and theme of the program belong to France 3 and the France Television group. All rights

Lada Kalina Sport (21925) 2014
Lada Kalina Sport (21925) 2014 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Stepasha14 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Raf 2203 Latvija 1976
Raf 2203 Latvija 1976 minibus mod for BeamNG.Drive Authors: Andrey2020 Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

Kia Rio (FB) 2020
Kia Rio (FB) 2020 car mod for BeamNG.Drive Author: – Game Version: BeamNG.Drive

RAF 2203
Mod for the legendary RAF 2203. The mod has several configs of civilian cars, fixed-route taxi cars and service versions. Author: Andrey2020

Kia Rio 2017
Popular Korean sedan Kia Rio 2017. The kit includes: – Working lighting equipment; – 33 Configuration; – Breaking glass; – Detailed body; – Medium damage; – There is a system of skins; - Well-designed engine and engine compartment; – Your wheels; – PBR Materials (painting, interior). Cons: - Not

Breakable Hardpoint 0.1
What's it? Breakable Hardpoint is a simple device that drops any items attached to it at the touch of a button. All of its nodes are fixed except the node it drops, so it floats. There is a mobile version called Breakable Link, which has no fixed nodes, so it can be used to dump things from a

Beltrans Skin Pack
Includes 8 skins from the Belasco Department of Transportation (Beltrans), based on Caltrans. Each skin comes with at least 1 config. CREDITS: Top Tier Studios

Lada Kalina 2 Sport
Lada Kalina 2 Sport Mod includes: PR Materials 10 Configurations Its own JBEAM Support for Openable Mod Detailed model 3 Types of disks Fully functioning dashboard CREDITS: Stepasha14

Bastion Transmission Pack 1.3
The values have been slightly changed to make it generally more responsive, which is what DCT should be. This mod adds 2 DCT transmissions . One of them is an 8-speed, it's almost literally the same as a standard 8-speed, but DCT. The other transmission is a 10—speed DCT, this transmission has

D-Series Configurations, Engines, Intakes, and Transmissions Pack 1.4.2
This mod adds a variety of engines, transmissions and air intakes to the D series. I plan to update this mod from time to time, adding more content to the mod until I feel satisfied. D15 V8 Indian Failure (A) D15 Luxe (A) D15 5.7L Drag Special (A) D25 'Tow Special' (A) D15 Diesel Baseline (M) D15

ARST bus skin CREDITS: Faddix

Miku skin d series
This mod is made for a short body variant, I do not know how well it works with other variants. If it is requested, I will try to make it for other options. CREDITS: Ash.

Realistic Police Lights CVPI Addon v1.5
Changelog v1.5.0 -Added side runners to the version with a light panel. -Fixed ​​a mistake with the taillights Realistic police lights for Crown Victoria with a new generation lighting system 06-01.84582/ and download the mod. Then make sure you have downloaded the latest RPL update. Then put the

289ci Ford Windsor V8
This mod adds a Ford Windsor 289ci engine, including a custom-made sound inspired by the 1965 Mustang. CREDITS: Ryan Lanz

Realistic Police Lights v16
With backlight, multiple selectable parts, flashing lights and much more! How to install Click "Download Now" and place the downloaded ZIP file in the folder of your mod repo. CLEAR CACHE Selecting parts To find the lighting system - in the "Light panels" section, select "Emergency lighting system"

NASCAR Soliad Wendover Winston Cup Car V4
From the creator of the Bruckell Moonhawk production car, I present to you the Wendover NASCAR Cup car. It is largely based on the Winston Cup car of the mid-90s. Features Fully modeled and detailed NASCAR-style chassis Simulated interior with working instruments NASCAR v8 engine model with RWD

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