GWC G1083 v1.0.0
We are at it again, this time we got the GWC G1083 based on the Oshkosh M1083. With 6×6 capability, it climbs like a goat, but is still nimble. Plenty of power options catering to both type of players, those who want a vanilla feel and those who want a more OP game experience. Custom 2 slot bed,

Z2 A ForesterZT “RIKI” v0.1
Caution This Truck is powerful and different from the original play, so it may make the game boring. Features ・ Giant tractor ・ Original crane and carry add-on ・ Log crane with unique packing ・ Log carrier that can carry a large amount How to pack logs ・ The log is easy to drop, so please push it

12-Valve Swapped CJ-5 Crawler v1.0
A CJ-5 Crawler with a 12-Valve Cummins. Credits: JeepeeJK

Tuz-166 “Botchling” v1.0
Another truck that started out as m181 revival but the meme over the top stuff isn’t my thing so I brought this little creature to life. Similar to my scout 800 its just enough to give it an edge over the stock trucks but not so much you are flying through deep mud A Botchling is a small creature,

Wheelierado v1.0
Are you interested in finding more information about MudRunner SR Cars mods? Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various Spintires: MudRunner Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular MudRunner mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions.

Vincenzo Galaxy v1.1.0
A compact Italian firecracker built from the ground up to rally. Sanremo, Monte Carlo, Sweden, Portugal, Corsica. This little beast won at all of them. And if that wasn’t enough, it also won at Targa Florio, five times in France, and three times at the Giro d’Italia Automobilistico. Now go and

Shark v1.0.0
The Shark is vehicle based on APC. This vehicle provide by default locked differential and a lot of power. You can also use some trailers, including the scout ones as well. Also there is available a gun and a crane… Just hop in and explore, what this vehicle can offer you! Credits: Cooler88

Hummer H1 v1.0
The Hummer H1 is a four-wheel-drive utility vehicle based on the M998 Humvee, which was created by AM General. The vehicle was produced from 1992 through 2006, and was the first of what became the Hummer line. This project has been a huge undertaking with a culmination of about six months of work.

Skull Falls v4.0.0
I’ve bought property with several abandoned mines and caves. Help explore the vast wilderness or get me the supplies spread across the property. “Roads were made for the journey, not for the destination.” Those that cannot crawl do not deserve to play this. TRAILS and TRAILS. Explore, everything

C.C.M. CE-59 “Panther” v1.0
Co-Core Motors is very proud to present the C.C.M CE-59 “Panther”. The Panther came about around 1985 when a local saw an episode of an old cartoon and wanted to replicate the car used in the episode, however they also lived in a very rural area and 4wd was necessary so thats when the C.C.M custom

Dearborn D150 “Chariot” v1.0.0
This truck is nothing fancy. It was one of my first attempts at putting a truck in the game that I gave up on. But now with a little more experience I decided to get it up to a point it could be enjoyed by the public. There are no gauges, no mirrors, and a really ugly interior. And that’s fine by

Squarebody Trail Bruiser v1.0
What could be better than a 1400hp…twin-turbo…crew cab super-truck…? Well, 2 of them of course. With multiplayer in mind, the Squarebody Trail Bruiser is as close to as you can get to direct competition with my last mod The Crew Cab Trail Brawler. The 70’s Icons share the same

Spun’s 82 K5-Blazer RL v1.2.0
PC ONLY. THIS VERSION WILL NEVER BE APPROVED FOR CONSOLE AS IT IS BRANDED I’m sure many are pleased to hear the name once again. Spun himself has completely retired from modding the MudRunner franchise. I’ll be continuing the replica of his real life Chevy Blazer, “Slay Five”. As Spun makes changes

Highway Haulin The Region v2.0
Unfortunately there was no way to save progress from the single map version but the next 2 maps added to the region will keep your progress. Start your adventure on the outskirts of the lovely town of Bennington. Once you get your fill of the farm life you can plan a great trip up in the mountains

Fleetstar F2070A JBE v0.5
Haven’t done a tweak in a minute. I’m sure something needs adjusting or fixed. Let me know. Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize

Porpoise Tech Bandit v1.0
Add wheels, suspension (active), winches, addons, adjusted addons, tweaked some stuff. Credits: Dolphin

The Island v1.0.0
Help the company out clearing the island to make way for a unknown future building project. Small map, sequential contracts, a contest and a couple of tasks. There are rocky areas, a swamp, a river to cross. Both muddy and dry terrain. Basically a bit of everything. ** This is my first attempt at

Qifeng mountain v1.0
This is my first time to make and upload maps in SnowRunner. Although I have made maps in MudRunner before, SnowRunner has changed a lot. It’s very different from before. Please leave a message below if there is anything bad. Have a good time! Credits: 649932754

ANK Baggage v1.0.0
This one was a random idea that was pretty quick to make and I just decided to release for the fun of it. Complimentary to the ANK PLAT4M by M181 this is another little yard toy to deal with the random trailers and things that can be pretty annoying to move with a full-size truck. It’s a little

Stuttgart 9110 “Safari” v1.0.0
Picture it in your mind. It’s the late 70s, Monaco. You’re sitting on your rooftop terrace and you hear a crackling in the distance. Three, two, one… hairpin. It’s the morning of the Rally Monaco and you can hear the flat sixes of Germany’s rear-engined rally cars sing. Capture that moment in

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