Skull Falls v4.0.0
I’ve bought property with several abandoned mines and caves. Help explore the vast wilderness or get me the supplies spread across the property. “Roads were made for the journey, not for the destination.” Those that cannot crawl do not deserve to play this. TRAILS and TRAILS. Explore, everything

Highway Haulin The Region v2.0
Unfortunately there was no way to save progress from the single map version but the next 2 maps added to the region will keep your progress. Start your adventure on the outskirts of the lovely town of Bennington. Once you get your fill of the farm life you can plan a great trip up in the mountains

The Island v1.0.0
Help the company out clearing the island to make way for a unknown future building project. Small map, sequential contracts, a contest and a couple of tasks. There are rocky areas, a swamp, a river to cross. Both muddy and dry terrain. Basically a bit of everything. ** This is my first attempt at

Qifeng mountain v1.0
This is my first time to make and upload maps in SnowRunner. Although I have made maps in MudRunner before, SnowRunner has changed a lot. It’s very different from before. Please leave a message below if there is anything bad. Have a good time! Credits: 649932754

Statsville v1.0.0
Statville and Port Quo are in jeopardy from the dam failing. The Army Corps of Engineers decided to release as much water as possible to help prevent the total collapse of the Dam. The result is a flooded town with a port in jeopardy. Carters Truckn will be your employer for the duration of your

Highway Haulin
It’s finally here. Highway Haulin’ is the first map to truly focus on the more civilized side of Snowrunner. Mainly asphalt and light dirt roads, expect an experience that looks more like the view outside your window. There are still off-road tasks and trailing so don’t be too worried about the

Your Gonna Need a Friend v1.0.0
Hard crawling and mudding spots, suggest using a dedicated crawler, Frogs SXS and bringing a friend for those unkind situations. Two tunnels that will force you to drive in first person to make it through. One tunnel is just crawling, and the other is a muddy flooded mes. Have fun exploring and

Aftershock v1.1
There isn’t much news in yet. It only happened 2 days ago and it’s been dumping snow ever since. There’s really no way of knowing what to expect. Just gotta get out there and help where I can…. Aftershock This Winter map is set in BC, Canada. An earthquake has hit and you need to do your part in

Ontario Canada v1.0
This is a realistic Logging Map with realistically beautiful scenery designed with simulation multiplayer roleplay in mind, It is a very large map and currently features one major route and task, though a few smaller additional tasks are included. This map will be fully supported and developed

Rockvill rock crawling trails v1.0.0
Long trails for trailing and crawling trails are still be updated if u find a bug please leave a comment. Credits: HPIBLITZER1

Red Canyon v1.2
Monsoon season is here and a few recent thunderstorms have battered the local road network badly, just in time as you return from a trip out of town to your newly established 1-man trucking company, with yourself as its only employee. You own a CK1500, a Kodiak and a 2070 Fleetstar, the 2 trucks do

Raglan creek v1.0
This is my third snowrunner map this map is only trailing ive not done any missions hopefully most of use enjoy the map huge thanks to TnB bigbudz420 for giving me a few of his custom models to use around the map used [IR] bronco for testing. Credits: DB_gaming

The Russian Wilds v0.1.1
THIS MAP IS WORK IN PROGRESS. I will try to update it as much as possible. Currently in alpha-testing phase. The Russian Wilds is my first map. When starting out, DerEggen asked me if I wanted to test out his terrain generation via satellite imagery. I gladly accepted and create my first project.

FS19 Isle of Slayer 1.0
I’m creating missions for this map now but wanted to load a none mission version first so people can freely check out this 4 mountain map. One of the trails will lead you up to kind of cave to explore. Please leave comments of any issues found. Credits: Slayerbount2

Shiner Mountain Map V1.2
Play on the main snowrunner server.. Credits:KASTHEWAY45

Goliath’s Peak v1.2
Goliath’s Peak is a mysterious place that offers a wide range of terrain for all types of scout trucks. There’s a main road all the way around the mountain that acts as the leading trail road. Just inside that you will find a one of the longest dirt tracks in SR right now! Besides that, you are

Bayside 2 v1.0.0
A logging focused second map of Bayside. Truckers have to cross the mountain in order to deliver logs to port and lumber mill. Some features of map: Starts with 30th level and 200000 credits. You can easily access garage at the beginning. I recommend to use interior camera when passing the tunnel.

Tumbler Ridge v1.0
Welcome to Tumbler Ridge. It sure looks nice on a postcard. The real truth is it’s a pretty harsh spot. If you spend some time up in those hills you’ll know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of beauty spots to shut the truck off and take it all in, smash your way up some seriously

Test of strength v1.0.2
Map (test) “Strength Test” A swampy area where you are in the role of a novice driver. You will have to fulfill an order for the delivery of wood, but as always, everything does not go according to plan. The logging truck broke down, it needs to be found and delivered to specialists so that they

Lil Dunes (Sand Dunes) Saudi Arabia v1.0.1
Berleit T100 not required, but recommended the sand is tuned to be somewhat realistic. you will sink if you have small wimpy tires… Feel free to take this mod and do what ever with it… free reign idk how to add mission or anything cool like that made my first map today. inspired by VladSib72’s

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