Z2 A ForesterZT “RIKI” v0.1
Caution This Truck is powerful and different from the original play, so it may make the game boring. Features ・ Giant tractor ・ Original crane and carry add-on ・ Log crane with unique packing ・ Log carrier that can carry a large amount How to pack logs ・ The log is easy to drop, so please push it

Shark v1.0.0
The Shark is vehicle based on APC. This vehicle provide by default locked differential and a lot of power. You can also use some trailers, including the scout ones as well. Also there is available a gun and a crane… Just hop in and explore, what this vehicle can offer you! Credits: Cooler88

ANK Baggage v1.0.0
This one was a random idea that was pretty quick to make and I just decided to release for the fun of it. Complimentary to the ANK PLAT4M by M181 this is another little yard toy to deal with the random trailers and things that can be pretty annoying to move with a full-size truck. It’s a little

The Desert Crawler v1.0.0
Upgrades Engine: 429 V8 Gearbox: Default Suspension: Default with damage, Default no damage Tires: Mickey Thompson Baja Claw, Interco Bogger, Interco TSL, Interco IROK, Maxxis Trepador, Pitbull Rocker Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended Diff. Lock: Always Frame Addons:

Glitchworks Tuned “BreadLoaf” v1.1.0
I managed to catch up on my backlog of requests… here I present to you, the Glitchworks “BreadLoaf” We have the usual assortment of GW tuned parts along with a bunch of parts borrowed from the Glitchworks Chevy C/K 1500. I was surprised at how well this little Loaf tuned up. We doubled the stock

C.C.M. LARC “Bertha” v1.0.7
C.C.M. Is very proud to present “Bertha” the LARC, LARC’s are amphibious vehicles originally used in the military. this particular LARC was salvaged for scrap at one point in its life and just barely missed the cutting torches. But the owner of the yard saw something in this rotting hulk of steel

C.C.M. DUKW “Howard” v2.0
C.C.M. is Very proud to present “Howard” The DUK(W). Howard was a long and difficult restoration done at the C.C.M. Shop around 2009 or so. The build was kept simple and basic, the only upgrade would be a more relevant and easier to obtain parts for engine. Howard was in service after birth and

The Rocket v1.0
A soviet hoverbike, modeled in blender and textured in SP. Credits: TnB_invalidredneck

C.C.M WC-54 v1.0
C.C.M. is very proud to present the WC-54. The WC-54 is another restomod project built by the C.C.M. custom shop in the late 80’s it was actually built alongside the WC-52 in the same shop at the same time. the wc-54 features top load axles and a lift kit as well as engine upgrades, making it a

APC 6×6 Rhinoc v1.0
APC 6×6 Rhinoc is a heavy army vehicle for reconnaissance and primary activities on the map. This is a valuable scout with many features. High max speed and powerful engine, offroad wheels and anti-skid chains, tall snorkel to cross rivers, custom radar to reveal the map (just avoid of using it

Porpoise Tech Tatarin v1.2
Added gearboxs, engines, sounds, whinches, wheels (duals up front), scout trailers, and increased fuel capacity Credits: Dolphin

Bottlenose Porpoise v2.0
My version of the apache 6×6 added wheels, engines, sounds, winches, gearboxs, trailers (scout), and addons, and a massive thanks to barek532. Credits: Dolphin

Agile Porpoise v2.1
My version of the cat th357 added wheels, engines, sounds, winches, gearboxs, trailers (scout), supply addon, a snorkel, and a new winch point, and a massive thanks to barek532. Credits: Dolphin

Hellion ISV Ride-On Toy v1.0.0
Based on extreme popularity of the M181 Hellion ISV in retail markets, the licensing team decided to get a little crazy and let the design of the Hellion get turned into a ride-on toy. Experience childlike wonder on a fully electric novelty version of the Hellion! Some features the Hellion “Toy”

C.C.M. 38 airflow tanker truck v2.0.3
C.C.M. is proud to present the 38 Airflow Tanker . way back in 38 cars were transforming from wagons with motors into beautiful works of art, this gem is no different and was one of the first heavy trucks to wear sheetmetal with long curved lines and an art deco style. this tanker has been

Juggernaut 5 v12.7
First production, do not know how to install. Credits: 568683991

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