ZIL 131- (133) 6×6 Truck v1

Uploader: kyhk, 22-02-2021, 14:37, Spintires / Spintires Trucks, 176, 0

ZIL 131- (133) 6×6 Truck v1   

This is a truck Zil 131- (133) 6×6 alteration lovers among the people. It is equipped with engines from foreign trucks and even
from Japanese passenger cars (of course, powerful), the ZIL-131 is made even more passable, changing the transfer case, installing other wheels and much more interesting things.
Mod Has:
– 18 of their add-ons + default;
– 4 types of wheels;
– can carry 2, 4, 6, 8 eyes of cargo;
There are additional textures in the mod.
Move the texture file from the folder they are signed by the colors you like to the TextureCache folder to replace.

KrAZ-260 Truck – Alteration v1.0

Ural NEXT Truck v1.0

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