Mod DT-75 v1.0
Setting up all the famous and legendary DT-75 for the new Backs 1.7.1. You need SP + to work, it is in the archive. Credits: rapfan

T-100 Tractor v1.0
Although the tractor has a low speed, it will be indispensable in difficult conditions. In version 1.7.1, increased fuel consumption, there is nothing to be done with this yet, so be careful! To work you need SP +, there is in the archive for each version. Credits: rapfan

T-74 Tractor v1
This mod uses materials from different mods, unfortunately I don’t remember their authors. Who cares – you can modify it, I posted it because the harp has already been abandoned, and the tractor may come in handy for someone. I am not a modder, I just customized it for myself! You need SP + to

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